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Our Mission Statement

To provide an exceptional brand of care to our clients, their families, and the community we serve. We aspire to be their trusted provider of home health care services and CPR training as they attain the life they have been aiming to achieve with the help of our compassionate professionals and the top-notch services we specifically tailored to their specific needs.

Absolute Home Health NC is a private, minority, female-owned agency that provides home health care in Raleigh, North Carolina, established since 2010. Our goals are to help medically challenge adults and medically challenged children to remain in their home environment. Because we understand that being at home alone without someone to accompany and assist your needs can be taxing, we desire to be your healthcare partner. We want to be with you as you achieve the life you aim to have without compromising your independence.

Rest assured that as long as you are under our care, your health and well-being are in the good and capable hands of our charismatic, well-trained team of nursing professionals.

To know more about us, please feel free to reach out by calling 919-827-0719 or messaging caring@absolutehealthnc.com.