Tips for Seniors to Prevent Falls at Home

Tips for Seniors to Prevent Falls at Home

Accidents may happen anywhere, even at home. This is especially true for seniors. They are prone to falls due to some of the physical effects of aging like vision problems, muscle weakness, and balance issues. Here are some tips to help keep your senior loved ones safe at home:

  • Proper lighting is the key.
    Make sure to install lighting in dark areas, corners, and hallways of your home. Consider installing something that will illuminate your switches when it is dark. Also, place emergency lights in easy to reach places in case of a power outage.
  • Clean up clutter.
    A neat and tidy home is one of the easiest methods for preventing falls. Remove unnecessary objects such as stacks of old newspapers, unused magazines, and more.
  • Install grab bars or handrails in the bathroom.
    Falls and slips often happen inside the bathroom. Installing grab bars allows senior loved ones to grab onto something and prevent them from falling while walking in and out of the bathroom.
  • Hire a reliable personal care provider or caregiver.
    Caregivers can help assist your loved one with walking, climbing the stairs, and even going to the bathroom. They can help ensure your loved one’s health and safety at home.

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